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A large number of single men dream about having an Asian wife. Among various countries, they mostly think about China and Japan. The second one seems more advanced and unique. Quite often, people consider Japan the most progressive in robotics spheres. This is a place where traditions and science are at a high level.

Japanese mail order brides have become very popular among foreigners in recent years. Tourism also improves to become more affordable to foreigners in terms of language and convenience. Sometimes men want to get someone special as a wife. Pretty Japanese girls is a goal for many of them. In order to be successful in relationships, it is highly recommended to learn more about where to meet local brides, their character traits, and their dating culture.

The Beauty Of Hot Japanese Brides

While checking profiles of Japanese wives online, it is very easy to fall in love. The beauty of these brides is very natural. Japan, for a long period of time, has not interacted with other countries. Therefore, Japanese brides have very genuine beauty.

Most of them have dense dark hair, which can be very long. Blonde and other colors of hair are definitely dyed. Local brides are short and petite. As everyone during education at school takes part in various physical activities, women have amazing slim shapes.

Ways To Encounter Japanese Mail Order Brides For Marriage

Even when Japan is quite far from many foreigners, there are possibilities to find a Japanese bride. Each option has benefits and peculiarities. By learning them, you can know what to expect from the dating process. In the beginning, it is recommended to learn more about personal preferences and possibilities. That will make the dating process more convenient.

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Traditional Dating

Japanese women looking for marriage in different ways. One of them is traditional dating. It allows both people to see each other and talk directly. Moreover, gaining mutual experience by visiting parks, museums, cafes, concerts, and others helps to improve relationships. In order to enjoy traditional dating, foreigners visit Japan.

After arrival, it becomes a bit difficult to select where to go in order to meet Japanese girl. That is why it is better to decide on what kind of relationships they want. If you prefer casual relationships to spend an amazing night with a local beauty, then nighttime is more suitable. In large cities, there are places which do not sleep at night. Nightclubs, pubs, and bars are good if foreign men know a bit of the local language. Alternatively, there are Roppongi and HUBs. At such places, a lot of people spend time and organize companies of random people. In addition, many local brides visit them to meet foreigners.

To develop romantic relationships, you may visit various places. Local mail order brides are curious about foreign men. That is why even approaching women just on the streets has higher chances to continue on a date. Other places like cafes, parks, stores, exhibitions, museums, etc.

Omiai & Gokon

Among specific options of traditional dating are omiai and gokon. The first one requires a person who knows you and a pretty local bride. In such a way, you learn about each other, communicate, and start to date. Gokon is a date of several men and women. That is very similar to group dating. There are special cafes where gokon occurs from time to time. Chances to find a Japanese girl to build up wonderful relationships with are higher at such places.

Matrimonial Services

One of the options to almost buy Japanese wife is to use matrimonial services. Marriage agencies provide professional help to find a wife by spending money. It greatly saves time and effort. Such agencies have large databases of profiles. In the beginning, clients provide personal information to enlist themselves among available candidates. Then agents of marriage services evaluate all the data in order to find the most suitable match. Sometimes, you receive several profiles of local mail order wives to review and select one.

As men and women at matrimonial services are interested in marriage and having family, they start to date to get to know each other better. Chances for success are much higher due to the compatibility developed by the matrimonial services. That is why they are wonderful Japanese wife finder tools.

Online Dating Sites

In case you want to have a Japanese mail order wife, but you prefer to find and build up relationships by yourself, then online dating websites is what you need. The Internet dating industry has a lot of solutions for singles from all over the world. There are general and specific platforms. The second type is focused on connecting singles from a specific country with others. Therefore, it is easy to find plenty of Japanese brides online.

To start receiving benefits from dating platforms, internet users accomplish registration procedures. They indicate general information about age, place of birth, and sex. The next step involves making the personal pages attractive to others. Japanese mail order brides pay attention to personal characteristics than to photos, but upload cute pictures is also a good move.

Then, begins the searching process. Online dating websites offer various filters. By adjusting them, you have more chances to find a person who matches your tastes. After successful searching, begins the communication step. In conversations, they provide users with possibilities to exchange messages, pictures, and videos.

Japanese Singles & Matrimonial Services

Matrimonial services are quite popular among Japanese brides. Professional assistance allows singles to enjoy relationships with people who will become wonderful partners in life. In addition to the common desire just to be happy with another person, there are other reasons why local brides use matrimonial agencies.

Foreign men

A great number of Japanese women dream about marrying a foreigner. It has turned out that local males do not always say words of love and express their feelings, while women want to hear them. As a result, they are ready to become a Japanese bride for sale. As most matrimonial services are international, they easily satisfy the needs of brides.

Arranged Marriages

It is less common nowadays, but some parents still arrange marriages for their girls. Among benefits, it allows them to be sure of a prosperous future. Marriage agencies are beneficial to women as they have an opportunity to find a groom according to personal preferences.

Single Mothers

Another category of women that use matrimonial services is single mothers. They dream about having a wonderful family with a loving husband. These women do not mind foreigners, as they are more interested in the good future of their children.

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Common Character Peculiarities Of Japanese Women For Marriage

Quite often, men pay more attention to pictures of Japanese brides at matrimonial services and dating websites. However, to build up proper relationships, it is better to learn more about the personality of brides. Local brides indicate various character traits on their personal pages. As they may omit something, here are collected common character peculiarities that you may encounter.


Japanese women are very diligent in education. Even with school education, they are able to work efficiently at various offices that do not require special knowledge. The knowledge of a foreign language is a different question. During school years, women learn English, but after graduation does not use it. Japanese brides who travel abroad have better conversational skills.

Family Oriented

In Japanese families, every person is respected. From childhood, girls learn proper manners and perform different duties like cleaning and cooking. One of the reasons why foreigners are so excited about them is to enjoy wonderful dishes after marriage. Parent’s approval of marriage is very important. You need to be a decent man who is able to take care of a young family.


When people think about the character traits of Japanese brides, they speak about working hard. Every company expects employees to be devoted. Working additional hours is very common in this country. Many single women who live separately from their parents manage to enjoy an independent life.

Religious Side

Religion is an important question when two people develop relationships. If you are dating Japanese brides, you do not need to worry. Many of them are non-religious and just respect common customs and traditions.


If you have started to go out with a Japanese bride, you can be sure or devotion. Most local women have a serious attitude towards another person they like. Wives always support husbands in various life situations.

Recommendations On Dating Japanese Women

The dating culture in every country is different. When two people are from very distant places, more information that is valuable appears to learn about. Quite often, matrimonial services and dating websites provide generals tips on the dating process. Japanese culture is unique due to various historical events. If you want to have more chances to win a marvelous Japanese mail order bride, then learning dating culture is important. Here are collected the most useful tips.

Learn Common Language

Japanese education includes learning English as a foreign language. However, most activities are devoted to learning by heart vocabulary. When it comes to conversations, beautiful Japanese women may not impress you with their abilities. In addition, brides need more practice in English.

Learning Japanese is a wonderful step if you have serious intentions towards marriage. It benefits you in several ways. Knowing the same language greatly improves communication and the quality of relationships. It allows men foreigners to understand better local customs and traditions.

Family plays a very important role in the life of every Japanese bride. Her parents, in most cases, will not know English. As a result, knowledge of Japanese also improves relationships with other family members.

Proper Manners

Japan is full of customs and traditions. Learning them in advance is an obligatory task to foreigners. On the internet, it is very easy to find all the important points of etiquette to learn about. Here are some of them:

  • Japanese mail order brides express affection in a different way;
  • Holding hands, hugging, and kissing need more time to happen in relationships;
  • Learn how to use chopstick;
  • Be decisive while planning a date;
  • Politeness and respect are important.

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At What Age Can You Get Married In Japan?

If you are young and dream to marry a wonderful Japanese single woman, you need to be at least 18 years old. Beautiful local girls can marry from 16 years old. Even if you could develop serious relationships, parents need to approve such a marriage. It applies to everyone who is under 20 years old. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have good relationships with parents of young Japanese girls for marriage.

How Much Do Japanese Brides Cost?

With the possibility to buy Japanese women for sale, it would be much faster to become a happily married couple. Instead, there are matrimonial agencies. Simply by paying for marriage services, you have the opportunity to select a local bride to develop serious relationships. As local brides at matrimonial agencies aim to find a decent husband, foreigners have more chances.

Can I Marry A Japanese Girl?

Everyone who is eligible to marry in the home country is able to be happy with a Japanese bride. Marriage allows foreigners to receive visas in order to stay in the country. In the beginning, it is for one year. Then you men are able to receive it for a longer duration and even receive citizenship. It is better to learn Japanese and local culture if you have such a goal.

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