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Our congratulations, you found the best Polish wife finder of all. On our dating site, women are family-oriented and looking for a serious relationship. So, to find a girlfriend and proceed to the next stage, named a “wedding”, is an easy task.  But what makes Polish mail order wives so desirable and different from other East European brides? How to meet a future wife from Poland? All the answers you will find below.

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Why Should You Date With Polish Girls

As generally speaking, throughout most of Europe, Polish brides prefer convenience to beauty. European women choose comfortable shoes and loose clothes, and elegant dresses and stilettos are worn on holidays or business dinners. What is remarkable in beautiful Polish girls, is makeup and manicure. It plays an important role in their image, which distinguishes them from Ukrainian or Belarusian women. In other Eastern European countries, the famous proverb: “It’s what shows up on the surface that counts” perfectly characterizes those women. 


It is important amid Czech or Slovak in what dress, with what handbag and in what boots the woman comes. The styling, decoration, and perfume aroma are analyzed in detail. In Poland, everything is completely different. Most pretty Polish girls have perfect manicure and makeup, but at the same time, they are dressed in simple jeans, sneakers, and their hair is gathered in an uncomplicated bun. It should be mentioned that Polish boyfriends and husbands are proud of such a style.

polish woman

They Prefer Simple Food

Food In Moldova or Ukraine since Soviet times was a very important resource of showing a family’s prosperity. It was customary to surprise guests with the number of prepared dishes, delicious desserts, and the presence of expensive alcohol. Even now, many housewives spend a lot of time and effort preparing a festive table. In Poland, food has long been not a cult. Here, if you were invited to a birthday, most likely treats, they will order in one of the restaurants of Japanese, Italian or American cuisine. And if your visit was unplanned and sudden, you can choose what you would like to eat and order food from home. Surprisingly, many Polish mail order brides prefer to drink beer, which surprises girls from neighboring countries a bit.

Polish Mail Order Bride Is Very Sociable

Modern Polish girls are very sociable. They quickly make acquaintance, spend a large amount of time communicating on social networks and try to avoid being alone. You can’t say the same, for example, about the Belarusian brides. Today, those women have become much more active than 10-20 years ago. However, they would prefer to first look at a person before meeting him. And staying at home and watching a movie or TV serial on their only day off, is a way more popular activity. Polish girls for marriage, on the other hand, not only a few times a week update their account on the Internet, but often searching their love online.

They are Independent

The expression “count only on yourself!” is the motto of almost every modern girl. Polish women begin to work early, spend much less time on maternity leave, and vehemently defend their rights. In other East European countries, the ideal family is still considered to be the one where the husband is the head of the family, the defender, and breadwinner, and the wife is the keeper of the house although the trend of partnerships and equality of responsibilities is increasingly evident in all modern Slavic families.  

Beautiful Polish Lady is Active

The typical woman usually struggles to get out for dinner at a restaurant, a movie, or get ready for a trip in a short period of time. But the Polish woman is truly different. Polish girls, as they say, are fast as lightning. They can make a decision in five minutes to meet with a friend in a coffee shop, go to the cinema and pack a backpack in an hour and go on a trip. This is explained by the difference in lifestyle, level of wages, and mentality. Nevertheless, the culture, customs, and traditions of each Slavic nation are beautiful in their own way and perfectly complement the picture of the modern world. But men who are dating Polish women call them “the most active of all”—most of the husbands like this feature of wives from Poland.

How Foreigners Meet Polish Woman Online?

In general, it’s not so important where and how you prefer to meet a Polish single girl. What matters is the impression you make. Pleasant in communication, a nice person has more chances to make an acquaintance in the queue to the dentist than an arrogant and rude man at a prestigious party. But if you are a good person, a couple of advice below may be really handy in finding Polish women for marriage.

Dating Sites and Marriage Agencies

Virtual dating does not require much effort and is available to every single man. As a rule, correspondence begins only in the case of mutual sympathy, so you do not waste time on meaningless communication. 

On the other hand, online dating makes you spend some time on the Internet to choose a perfect Polish wife for a strong union. Write correctly and contact with polite words. Put likes and write comments – they do not oblige you to anything but show that you were on the user’s page and viewed her profile.

To come up with what to write, proceed according to circumstances. For example, if you find an interesting Polish girl interested in the same things as you, ask something about a hobby. 

  • You liked the biker girl – ask her when the motorcycle season will open and how to participate in it. 
  • The girl uploads photos from morning runs – ask how she manages to get up so early because you also want to (if you want, of course).

It happens that users of such sites are not configured for a serious relationship, but a fleeting affair. And for someone, it’s just a way to have fun and pass the time. Also, be aware of scammers who offer Polish bride for sale because it is illegal in the EU.

But do not discard online dating as an option. You can find people with similar interests, hobbies, and outlooks on life that you would not meet in real life.

Social Networks

Although Facebook and Instagram are not geared for dating, social networks have a convenient search, thematic communities, and groups dedicated to the upcoming hangouts. On the user’s page, it’s easier to understand what kind of person is in front of you: what is her hobby, who are friends, with whom, and where did she go on vacation last time.

The difficulty of dating in social networks is to start correspondence and not spoil the first impression. Banal “Hello, how are you?” not suitable, but openly flirting is also not worth it. It is possible that the person you are writing to is not looking for a relationship, and in this case, dating sites are more useful. 

How to Meet Single Bride In Poland?

For those who are used to communicating on the Internet, traditional ways of dating may seem strange and inappropriate. We are suspicious of strangers on the street, in the subway or supermarket and are waiting for a trick – what if this is a con man or a lunatic. Do not give up: people still find each other in real life.

Approximately 30% of pairs meet through mutual friends. This can happen as you like: at a party, on a trip out of town to a barbecue. Acquaintances through mutual friends often end in a strong relationship, because a couple has approximately the same social status and similar interests.

In a Cafe, Bar or Restaurant

According to statistics, 20% of people find a partner in a bar or restaurant. Relaxed atmosphere, music, and alcohol encourage new acquaintances. But meeting in a bar is more suitable for finding a partner for short-term relationships, and not for a matrimonial life.

At Work

You can find your love among colleagues. The larger the team, the higher the chances. But be careful: relationships can interfere with work, raise questions among superiors, and gossip among colleagues.

At the same time, common work ties you together: you have breakfast together and go to the office, you have someone to discuss difficulties with and ask someone for help.

polish bride

At a Party of Interest

A future Polish wife can be found at thematic meetings: intellectual or sports games, concerts, exhibitions, or lectures. If you are an introvert, take a friend with you and choose events that are interesting to you. On those meetings, you are more likely to meet a person with similar views and will be able to make an acquaintance.

On Blind or Fast Dates

These are specially organized dates with a large number of Polish brides interested in marriage. Usually, those events are arranged like this: two people communicate with each other for a few minutes, then the pairs change. In a short time, you need to impress your partner. If sympathy is mutual, you exchange contacts.

Where You Usually Go

You can find a partner anywhere: in a supermarket, subway or gym. Love can stand nearby, waiting for a green traffic light or sit at a nearby table in a cafe. The problem is that it is very scary to start an acquaintance – it may seem to you that it is better not to get acquainted at all than to be refused.


There is no universal advice on how to overcome fear, but there is a working phrase: “It’s better to do it and regret it than not do it, but still regret it.” In the worst case, you will be refused. At best, you will find the love of your life. This makes more sense than suffering because of your indecision and not getting to know anyone. 

If you want to create a family and become a husband strongly enough – you will succeed, and nothing will stop you.  

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